24 Jan. 2024: Dual-Species Rydberg Array paper

The BernienLab posts their latest work on the dual-species platform on the arXiv. In this work we introduce Rydberg interactions between the cesium and rubidium atoms in our arrays and explore new interaction and dynamic regimes that are unique to this approach. For instance, Förster resonances between the two types of…

22 Jan. 2024: Hybrid Quantum Repeater

In a collaborative effort spanning three countries the Bernien group, Tittel group and Borregaard group propose a new hybrid quantum repeater architecture that could drastically improve the speed in a quantum network. The architecture pairs the multimode capabilities of a rare-earth ion doped quantum memory with…

07 Dec. 2023: Hannes wins Klung Wilhelmy Science Award

The Klung Wilhemly Science Award is awarded biannually to a outstanding early-career German physicists. This year Hannes received the award for his “pioneering contributions to the development of quantum technology platforms based on Rydberg atoms as well as color centers in diamond”. It is incredible honor to be among…

03 Nov. 2023: New paper: Combining atom arrays with photonic chips

Check out our new work on combining atom arrays with photonic chips on arXiv. We show atom array technology such as loading large tweezer arrays, single-shot fluorescence images, and rearrangement works in combination with photonic chips. For this we introduce a new background-free imaging technique completely…

20 Oct. 2023: Welcome Nayana, Nikhil, and Ana Lucia!

The BernienLab is growing and we are very excited to welcome the latest additions: Nayana Tiwari is joining from CalPoly as a PhD in the quantum network lab, Nikhil Harle is joining from Yale the new dual-species atom array setup, and Ana Lucia Michielsen is a UChicago undergraduate research on the new dual-species…

15 Oct. 2023: Quantum Creators Prize: Congrats Kevin and Yu-Hao

Kevin Singh and Yu-Hao Deng of the BernienLab are both awardees of the 2023 Quantum Creators Prize. The prize recognizes ground-breaking achievements of early career researchers. As part of the prize, Kevin and Yu-Hao will present their research at the Chicago Quantum Summit. Congratulations, Kevin and Yu-Hao!

16 Sep. 2023: New article on quantum networks

Today our article on quantum networks with atomic processing nodes was published in npj Quantum Information. If you are interested in our future vision of quantum networks with advanced functionalities beyond QKD, check out this article. It was a lot of fun to work on this together with Jacob Covey and Harald…

21 Jul. 2023: Noah wins QuNeW poster award

At the first Quantum Networks Workshop by AWS Noah Glachman presented his work on the integration of atomic arrays with a telecom photonic chip. His poster drew a lot of attention and won him the Best Poster Award. Congratulations to Noah!

15 Jun. 2023: NSF awards GRFP to Ryan and Career to Hannes

A double feature by the NSF: Ryan White is awarded a graduate research fellowship by the National Science foundation to develop new methods for coherent control of individual atoms. Hannes Bernien is awarded an NSF Career award for combining atom arrays with photonic interfaces for future quantum networks. Find out…

25 May. 2023: Mid-circuit error correction published in Science

Our work on using an array of spectator qubits to monitor noise and correct for it in real time on a data qubit array has been published in Science today. Congratulations to Kevin, Conor, Shraddha, Ryan and Vikram! We are excited to share this work and believe that spectator protocols will prove to be very useful in a…

25 Mar. 2023: Dahlia and Shraddha inspire future quantum generation

Dahlia and Shraddha participated in the Women in STEM Career Showcase at the Museum for Science and Industry in Hydepark. They demonstrated hands-on experiments including atom trapping and laser light to an audience of about 450 for the South Side and all of Chicago. The curiosity and excitement was palpable. Thank you…

20 Mar. 2023: BernienLab presents innovative ideas at the March Meeting 2023

Yuzhou, Shankar, Kevin and Hannes presented their latest research at the March Meeting 2023 in Las Vegas. The presentations got very nice feedback and the Quantum Computing Report gave a great shout out: “…one of the more innovate concepts we heard was from the University of Chicago which is working on a dual-species…

22 Sep. 2022: New Horizons in Physics Prize

Hannes wins the New Horizons Prize by the Breakthrough Prize Foundation. The prize is awarded “For the development of optical tweezer arrays to realize control of individual atoms for applications in quantum information science, metrology, and molecular physics.” Hannes shares the prize with a fantastic group of…

18 Sep. 2022: South Side Science Festival 2022

The first edition of South Side Science Festival (S3F) took place on Saturday 17 and the BernienLab was excited to participate in science demonstrations, scientific panels and the organization of the event. It was amazing to have more than 2500 visitors from the South Side on campus and communicate science in fun and…

29 Aug. 2022: Mid-circuit correction of correlated phase errors using an array of spectator qubits

In our latest work on the dual-species atom array we show how two atomic qubit arrays can help each other out. We use our cesium atoms as an array of spectator qubits that sense the noise environment and estimate phase errors that are caused by this noise. This information is then used to correct correlated errors in…

01 Mar. 2022: Dual element atom array published in PRX!

We are very excited that our work on large dual-element atom arrays is published in PRX! The article is featured in Physics. If you want to find out more, check out this great news article by Meredith Fore of the CQE.

10 Dec. 2021: Maria Lastra Excellence in Mentoring award

Kevin has been awarded the 2021 Maria Lastra Excellence in Mentoring award! The prize recognizes Kevin’s as being an outstanding mentor and role model who is always there to help and give advice. BernienLab thanks Kevin for his great contributions!

16 Nov. 2021: Hannes awarded Highly Cited Researcher 2021

Hannes was recognized as a Highly Cited Research 2021 by Web of Science. The Highly Cited Researchers’ names are drawn from the publications that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and publication year in the Web of Science citation index, and the list identifies the research institutions and countries where…

21 Oct. 2021: Dual-element atom array!!

We are excited to share our recent results on our dual-element atom array on the arXiv. These arrays consist of individually trapped rubidium (blue) and cesium atoms (yellow) with up to 512 trapping sites. We have individual control over each atomic element and can place them in arbitrary two-dimensional arrays. In the…

06 Sep. 2021: Two atom entanglement at and away from a nano-photonic cavity

The latest result from the Harvard team together with Hannes Bernien was published in Science. They demonstrate that two individual atoms can be entangled via a nano-photonic crystal cavity. Subsequently, the atoms can be coherently transported away from the cavity, thereby distributing the entanglement for future…

22 Jul. 2021: Paper: Quantum networking with atom arrays

Are you trying to get fast entanglement rates between two distant quantum processing nodes? In our recent work with the group of Jacob Covey at UIUC we propose a quantum network architecture based on atomic arrays in optical cavities that achieves exactly that. Using multiple atoms in optical cavities we can multiplex…

08 Mar. 2021: BernienLab the movie

We made a movie to introduce the lab for the visiting days 2021. Watch how the BernienLab embarks on adventures to unravel nature’s greatest mysteries. Enjoy!

24 Feb. 2021: Roadmap paper: Quantum interconnects - QuICs

Our article on Quantum Interconnects (QuICs) is published. Similar to their classical counterparts, quantum information technologies will rely on the ability to move quantum information between different quantum systems that serve distinct tasks. In this article we describe the current state of the art of QuICs and…

16 Feb. 2021: Sloan Fellowship

The Sloan Fellowship is awarded to Hannes. “A Sloan Research Fellow is a rising star, plain and simple,” said Adam F. Falk, president of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. “To receive a fellowship is to be told by the scientific community that your achievements as a young scholar are already driving the research…

29 Oct. 2020: International Quantum Technology Young Scientist Award

Hannes has received the inaugural IOP Publishing’s International Quantum Technology Young Scientist Award, which acknowledges scientists with significant achievements and exceptional promise for future contributions in the field. He was nominated for the development of methods to control quantum systems over long…

23 Oct. 2020: An award winning vacuum chamber

Kevin’s photo of our new vacuum chamber won the second place in the NEXTorr photo competition by SAES. Among many beautiful cold atom setups the community got to vote for the nicest looking chamber. The award, a hefty dicount on our next pump, will help us to build our quantum network node setup.

11 Oct. 2020: Welcome to our new graduate student Shraddha!

Shraddha Anand is joing the Bernien Lab! Shraddha did her undergraduate studies at Stanford University and worked together with Hideo Mabuchi. She will join the atom array experiment. We look forward to lots of exciting research and fun in the lab. Welcome Shraddha!

28 Jul. 2020: IC fellowship awarded to Kevin Singh

Kevin Singh is awarded the prestigious Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. In his research he will use machine learning techniques to improve the control of large quantum systems with applications to quantum sensing. Congratulations, Kevin!

24 Jul. 2020: Atom Telecom Network Node - our first paper!

We published our first paper of the group! Big congrats to Shankar! If you want to find out more on how to build a quantum network node that uses atomic qubits and operates at telecom wavelength, have a look here: Nanophotonic quantum network node with neutral atoms and an integrated telecom interface (New J. Phys. 22…

31 Mar. 2020: Jordan is awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Jordan is awarded an NSF GRFP. His research will focus on studying topology in Rydberg atom arrays. This is a huge honor and very well deserved! Congratulations, Jordan!

24 Nov. 2019: Best oral AMO presentation at NSBP! Congrats, Jordan!

Jordan won the Best Student Oral Presentation in Photonics and AMO physics at this year’s NSBP! His talk on “Probing Topological Quantum Systems with Cold Atoms“ was awarded by the committee with the Corning Best Student Oral Presentation award. Congratulations, Jordan!

09 Nov. 2019: MCAW 2019

Great times at the Midwest Cold Atom Workshop. Bernien Lab spent an awesome day at Northwestern University full of interesting talks and great discussions. Big thanks to Tim Kovachy and the folks at Northwestern for putting this event together!

29 Aug. 2019: Farewell Frankie

Frankie finished his three months summer research project in our lab. As a result we are now able to make very versatile light patterns that can be used to trap atoms in flexible geometries, or to write our lab logo in atoms. We wish Frankie a successful continuation of his studies!

29 Aug. 2019: Welcome Samantha

Samantha Lapp from UIUC is joining our lab. Samantha will be working on our Rydberg laser system. We look forward to doing research together and also having fun outside the lab just as we did at the welcome Samantha, farewell Frankie dinner!

18 Mar. 2019: Officially a laser lab

Today Jordan and Shankar switched on the first lasers of our lab. We are now officially a laserlab. Let there be many more lasers in all different colors!